MEMEX | Duologue – 3D study of mortality using photogrammetry techniques

Created as a collaboration between Marshmallow Laser Feast and Analog, MEMEX | Duologue is a promo video for video for Duologue. It is developed as a 3D study of mortality that explores photogrammetry techniques marking an exciting beginning of a deeper study into photo-real realtime VR by MLF.

The female model was created using FBFX’s scanning rig comprising of 94 DSLR cameras and a number of very fast flash heads. The system allows them to capture 360º 3D scans in 1/13,000th of a second, with 16k photorealistic textures. After taking a set of 94 images simultaneously, they are loaded into a photogrammetry software package called Agisoft. The software analyses the pictures looking for distinct pixels, then matches identical pixels on different images and through triangulation creates a point cloud.

Analog, visual effects studio in London, developed the textures, shaders and lighting. Extra zbrushsculpting/detailing work was done for extreme closeup shots and huge 16k texture maps were painted with Mari. Analog know the strengths of many 3D applications and this one was rendered entirely with Vray & 3DsMax – with the incredibly dense cloth simulations created using ‘Marvelous Designer’ at high frame rates & further speed interpolations done within 3dsmax.

Particular attention was paid to the eyes of the actress to enable extreme closeups with multiple layers of hand sculpted Iris models. Thousands of tiny hairs were also created as separate render passes which could be added over the face and body areas. Compositing was done withinNUKE, with final colour corrections and exports piped through AfterFX. The aim is to carry this photo realism and detail through to the Realtime OCULUS RIFT environment that should see revealing later this year.


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